Come to Lausanne

Lausanne, Olympic city, is at the heart of French-speaking Switzerland.

The Beaulieu Lausanne Convention Center is in the downtown area and has a pleasant garden, and is easy to reach by public transport, train or by car.

Access by car

Lausanne is at an intersection of freeways in French-speaking Switzerland and the Beaulieu Lausanne Convention Center is five minutes away from the Blécherette exit of the A9 freeway. It has an underground parking garage with 580 parking spaces.


Beaulieu has an underground parking lot with 500 spaces and direct access to the complex. Levels P2 and P3 have parking spaces reserved for persons with limited mobility and level P1 has recharging points for electric vehicles.

Opening hours: 24/7

Capacity: 500 covered spaces over 4 levels

Accessibility: direct access by elevator to the main building and gardens

Persons with limited mobility: one reserved space on level P2 and 3 on level P3

Payment: 4 pay machines on level P1 and one in the gardens. Credit cards accepted

Electric vehicles: 2 spaces equipped with recharging points on level 

Access by public transport

Lausanne is a main train station in French-speaking Switzerland on the railway line between Geneva and Zurich. It is served by two trains an hour, as are Bern, Neuchâtel, Fribourg, Sion, Bienne and Basel.

With the No. 3 and No. 21 bus routes, you reach the Convention Center in 10 minutes from the SBB train station.


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Access by air

Geneva Airport has a special place among European airports. It has an excellent network of 142 direct destinations, including 23 intercontinental flights. It is connected to the Swiss rail network and is 45 minutes by road to Lausanne.

La Blécherette airport is to the north of Lausanne and is at least one kilometer from the Blécherette exit of the A9 freeway. It is only two kilometers from Beaulieu and can easily be accessed by bus (TL No. 21) or by automobile.